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[Oh goodness look at these flowers. There are just a tsunami flood of yellow flowers everywhere on this little grassy hill. Everywhere. Don't forget the cute friendly bees buzzing around them flowe- and holy shit a bear!!! No. Wait, that's just the Psiioniic sitting up in said field of flowers.]
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Player Information

Name: Shugo
Personal Journal: [personal profile] cocanuts
Age: 18
Contact Info: AIM; inyourdna
Other Characters Played: N/A
Do you need an invite? Nope!!

Character Information

Character Name: Psiioniic
Character Series: Homestuck
Character Age: 25ish. That makes him 11 sweeps I think.
Character Gender: Male
Alternate Universe
Background Link: Here!
AU Background: Psiioniic failed to learn how to control his powers so he fled into hiding to avoided being culled. Eventually he joined the Signless in his travels but unfortunately betrayed him. More details listed below.

As a young lowblood, Psiioniic was rounded up with other potential trolls who exhibited telekinesis to be raised by their lusus and also spied on by the higherbloods. Basically they captured these trolls at a young age to try to drill them into being obedient servants. At the tender age of two sweeps (about four/five years old) they are forced to kill their lusus to cut off emotional attachment or any sense of belonging they might harbor. Mostly this was to ensure that the lowbloods wouldn't have a reason to rebel and even make them reliant upon the highbloods. (No lusus to nurture them or for protection.)

Although Psiioniic successfully killed his lusus and was compliant, he was unable to control his powers even through the harshest training regiments. This reduced his value in the eyes of the highbloods and was also viewed as an act of rebellion. And as troll customs go, the weak, the slow and the low get culled so the highbloods in charge planned on making him a practiced target for the others. Fortunately for Psiioniic, he got wind of this and made his escape into the wilderness before he could get culled.

By this time he was already three sweeps and capable of taking care of himself. However, he did have some help from a mysterious troll who he only saw once or twice. He never got her name but she helped him survive until he learned how to take care of himself without a 80% chance of dying in the process. (Really it'd only been reduced to 50% chance of death, but still!) Mostly he lived in isolation in the wild, only going into town and stealing food if he absolutely could not find or hunt anything.

A lot of his time in the wilderness was spent avoiding troops of cavalrepears and pirates. He had many close encounters from being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but with quick wit he was able to escape uncaptured. (Sometimes unharmed if he was lucky.) Eventually (two sweeps later) he wound up being captured and coerced into slavery. By this time he was no longer considered a psiioniic but rather an ordinary powerless slave.

Here he lived as an outcast for five sweeps until he heard of the Signless' travels and teachings. He never joined the small nomadic group but he did follow them and occasionally listened to their sermons and rallies. He didn't buy into the Signless' teachings. The idea of Trolls getting along without the need of threat and violence was rather absurd in a world where survival depended upon everything. He saw the intentions as meaningful but considered it a lost fight regardless.

Which is partly why he sought out the subjuggulators and told them the whereabouts of the Signless and crew. Ultimately, his decision branded him with the nickname of the Betrayer, something he's become scornful of. Especially since his reward for the information was immediate capture and bondage into slavery. Psiioniic didn't become a Helmsman however, because of his power situation and being unable to control his mutant powers. Instead, he became a scapegoat that the Highbloods used to redirect the unrest and anger of the lowbloods onto the single soul who betrayed their revolution.

Personality: Psiioniic can be seen as a somewhat submissive individual which derives from his social status as well as from the fact that he'd been shown mercy that few other trolls get the privilege of having from the highbloods. Although it's more out of intimidation and necessity to survive that he shows submissiveness to those of higher status then him. Around those that he care about, he is friendly. Around strangers, he's always been cautious but he's become even more cautious as a result of the betrayal so he might come off as a bit cold or untrusting of people.

Going back on his survival instincts, he is willing to do what is necessary for survival. This willingness is partly why he didn't buy into the Signless' lecture for peace and harmony between all trolls.

As someone who is soft spoken, Psiioniic might come off as someone who can be pushed around but he often stands his own ground if he can. Or may subtly stand his own ground. An example could be working slower than what is demanded out of him. But he doesn't usually lash out or fight back, and will find some other means of voicing his displeasure or dislike in something.

Unlike his descendant, Sollux, who has a big ego and can be smug at times. Psiioniic isn't boastful or smug. In fact, he actually plays dumb despite his intellect because he tries to hide the fact. Again, this plays into the survival instincts. And while he might be intelligent, sometimes he also comes off as a bit naive himself. (Going to the Subjuggulators, etc.) Naive or not, he knows how to play the game.

Speaking of the game, the whole caste system of troll society and the hemospectrum. He feels like it can't be changed, something that has been followed since before anyone could remember is permanently encoded into their culture. It's just the way things go and there's nothing you can do. Or even just a, everyone has their place and purpose, without such things our very existence in society would collapse.

As for the betrayal of the Signless, he doesn't feel guilty for betraying him because of a couple of reasons. One, in this Alternative timeline- they aren't friends. Two, he felt the Signless was putting others at greater risk. Everyone culled at the expense of one unruly troll just didn't add up. However, he also detests the nickname "Betrayer" because it indicates that they might have been close friends once. Which makes him the object of hatred of other trolls who may have followed the Signless thus ignoring the hatred once aimed at the Highbloods.

Abilities: Psiioniic is a troll which means he's a little more tough skinned than humans. His eyes are also more adapted to seeing in the night as Alternians are nocturnal. But aside from that, he's a mage with strong abilities such as telekinesis and optic blasting. However, he isn't able to efficiently control them. (Example, he sneezes and takes out half the room with him.)
Sample Entry: Here!


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